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TMG Street Pride serves as an independent film vehicle for facilitating the aspirations of indie filmmakers. Prior to forming the company, the founder  of TMG Street Pride  had the opportunity to work in partnership with major labels to release musical products of talented individuals, both independently and through such major conglomerates as Universal, Red/Sony, Warner Music Group, Mercury, and Epic Records. In November 2014, AP Studios was formed as the in-house production division to expand this distribution platform to film projects. 


- To give indie movie producers an opportunity to release their films to theaters
- To create an ongoing relationship between movie houses and indie filmmakers



The mission is to provide the best and most unique quality of indie film projects to moviegoers. We also aim to meet the filmmakers' needs with professionalism and expertise, all the while establishing excellent business relationships with each venue owner so that every event is profitable to all parties involved.


The marketing formulas that will be applied to make significant growth are:
1. Understanding that a good reputation and product provide the ultimate return on the investment
2. Maintaining avenues of communcation and properly managing all aspects of the project's release
3. Conducting simple marketing tests to find the best sales appeal
4. Always thinking from the perspective of the theater attendees
5. Achieving efficiency


- Selecting a release date
- Outlining project expenses
- Projecting ticket sales
- Proper initiation of Promotion and Advertisement (P&A)

AP Studios / TMG Street Pride theater exhibitor(s) has innovated, changed and grown with the industry to having 300 plus screens. The theaters are beautifully state of the cinematic art surroundings, all digital presentation and friendly moviegoer customer service. All of the theaters are equipped with 3D Cinema.




  • Giant Digital Movie and Entertainment Experience

  • Comfortable and clean surroundings that features expanded lobby and concession stand

  • 16 Screens with digital projection

  • All stadium and all premium high back rocking seats

  • 500 Seats and more

  • Beautiful auditorium with a giant screen size @ 70 foot wide almost 4 stories tall with floor to ceiling viewing.

  • Multiplex screens spans 56 feet, with Dolby Atmos

  • Free Drinks Offered On All Sizes and 50 Cents Popcorn Refills On All Popcorn Sizes



-AP Studios

-Black Eye Saw Entertainment

-Stapletoons Studios, LLC

-Ball Park Pictures

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