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The Marine Spirit is based on factual events as told through the eyes of a Nigerian couple. When the young couple finds themselves haunted by the spirit of the Mami Wata – an ancient African water deity; they discover the power of faith and prayer in order to save their lives.
Unge's War is the story of Unge, a young warrior who must make up for his stature with incredible skill and unmatched agility as he fights to simultaneously carry on his father's prodigious legacy and forge his own identity as an unexpected legend.


Emmanuel (Nigerian action star George Davidson), is an assassin who goes against the order of his contractor X (GuGu E. Michaels) and refuses to carry out a hit placed on Senator Kingston (New comer M.J. Mathias). Emmanuel in danger, is forced to take a homeless man (Nigeria’s 5 times Kung Fu champion Leo U” Che) and turn him into the perfect killer. The deadly duo forms an alliance with Kingston and go after X the very man that hired Emmanuel for the Kingston hit. This action flick leads to an ultimate fighting showdown between the new generation assassin Samuel and the veteran head of the organization of Assassins X. Get ready for non-stop action, masterful fight sequences.



The supernatural action thriller "JACOB'S EYE" is a story about a homicide detective Jacob, who is hunted by an angry spirit. Jacob seeks help but no one believes him. When nightmares becomes reality for detective Jacob, what will he do to stop it before he loses his mind?

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