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TMG Street Pride understands that being successful is the dream of many aspiring independent labels and artists.   But at the end of the day the music business is a very competitive industry.   Many artists still believe that if the song is great and the vocals are perfect that the industry will find them.  Very rarely does this happen anymore.  The dynamics of the business has changed.  TMG Street Pride is here to help encourage all independent labels and artists to develop the business side of their career as well as the creative side.  Both sides work hand and hand.  When raising funds (for your musical endeavors) don’t forget to budget for marketing and promoting your music.  Finding the proper balance will increase your chances for success.




TMG Street Pride’s viral Radio campaign involves creating a “story” on artist music by garnering accumulative spins sufficient to chart the song in the Internet Source Charts.  The Charts are helpful, in that, they serve as a noteworthy testimony for other promotional apparatuses to pick-up the music.  It lends great support as main Radio and industry big-wicks look to see what activities are brewing on new Artists and their music.


TMG Street Pride is joined with the radio airplay monitoring technology of [DRT] that tracks radio airplay of songs in the US and worldwide on more than 5000+ radio stations.   DRT tracks thousands of streaming Internet Radio Stations to include selective Major FM Terrestrial, College, Commercial and Non-Commercial stations.  DRT’s customized technology monitors radio airplay of songs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year without any special encoding or fingerprinting requirements. DRT’s database logs songs that are played by every station DRT monitors.  The data is then compiled and DRT Report is generated that reveals airplay about songs that are detecting and the Reports are made available to anyone.

MAJOR RADIO (“terrestrial”) Campaign


The Radio Campaign comprises of our obtaining an initial 10 stations reporting to Media Base and/or BDS.


Length of Period


The airplay period will be 4 to 5 weeks.  The airplay accrued of the accumulative stations will be a minimum of 30 spins per week.  At Campaign’s end, the Record will be reporting at 150 plus spins.  Please note: The sustaining power of the record is solely based on its own merit and spins may far exceed the noted minimum amount.



How Important Are Music Charts


Charts are an assembly of opinions to the likeability of music released for exploitation and sale.  It gives the creators and handlers of the music produced an idea of how well their music is performing and/or anticipates to perform.  The qualitative data on music released is much needed information in determining whether or not to continue fueling the marketing and promotional exhibitions in their efforts to garner consumer attention.  Charts build confidence by reporting the songs and promoting upward sales potential mobility and the credibility it becomes to increase demand.  Nothing beats that more that the music charts of Billboard, Media Base/BDS, DRT and other notable industry airplay and retailing reporting sources.  Charts are monitored to see songs position and their fluxing as it’s developing.  





OBECTIVE:  The Promotional EP or Album’s Retail Campaign strategically adds value to Artist and Artist music by developing an early sales-story.  This approach results in chart activity with such music reporting sources as Billboard and other industry Retail Tip Sheets Reporters.   It also opens the door to; one; Properly launch the marketing of Artist Album for independent commercial release, affordably; and; two; Create PR excitement;  and; three; To attract attention of Major Labels, and; four; Call attention of Promoters looking to book new talent for concerts and other “live” performing events.


RATIONALE:  The rationale for using this program is very simple; (i) For the independent label, (depending on the strategy for which a client is approaching their record industry goal) charting lends support to wondering minds of Radio Programmers and Retail Music Buyers. It can help to acquire promotional apparatuses such as radio airplay or upward airplay movement, PR and video consideration and retail support in markets where the independent music entrepreneur may wish to promote their Artists and/or for Artists who may otherwise be unattractive to Major Label Executives with having no tangible music industry related story (“hype”) or sales.  The early sales are a prelude to Label Executives faith in the independent entrepreneur’s spirit and commitment to their goal.


FUNCTION:  The Promotional EP or Album’s Retail Program can help jump-start the independent music entrepreneur’s promotions or support an existing one.  In either case, the Program will prove vital for moving the entrepreneur’s dream to the next level.



We welcome your interest to explore distribution possibilities with TMG Street Pride.  Distribution has dramatically expanded with the advent of online retailing.   Consumers are purchasing music at the online music stores and yet the brick and mortar outlets remain for those who want to have the physical product with artist picture and liner notes.  Our objective is to serve the independent minded music entrepreneurs, artists, producers and filmmakers who wish to remain autonomous of their operation and creative direction with knowing that their film and music works will adequately be distributed for consumers to buy. 


FILM DISTRIBUTION Opportunities for independent film operatives to successfully ingratiate themselves into the industry have been next to impossible.  Major studios control the industry making individual films virtually unavailable to the public.  Due to increase demand for American made films worldwide and the development of new markets including network, pay-per-view


MUSIC DISTRIBUTION TMG Street Pride provides digital release of music to such online stores as Rhapsody, Itunes, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target and Best Buy and physical product to the big box retailers as Wal-mart, Best Buy, Target and to indie Mom and Pop outlets.  Also, our to release the music of our Label Partners is rapid.  Our one request is that Label Partners understand to sell product requires that consumes are made aware the product exist.  That means marketing is essential to create product awareness.  Our team brings years of experience and a broad network of relationships.  Sales are more assuring when distributor and Label Partners are on the same page in desiring to see the product sell through. 


MAJORS. TMG Street Pride is dedicated to ensuring clients that their music will be closely coordinated with its selling aggregators when launched.  Utilizing its clout with retailers to designed strategies for enhancing the product’s presence within the retailing establishment.  The strategy will focus on point-of-sales and with this strategy it will stir-up the interest to major record labels to want to participate in selling Artist’s music. 






Major label executives are watchful of music that is independently “buzzing” in the market.  In today’s industry, most of the songs that are released by majors are acquired (uplink) from independent music entrepreneurs, artists and producers who often seek the help of experienced music operators like TMG Street Pride to push their music at Radio, on the Internet, with Print and PR, on the Streets with Videos and with the use of other tools of the trade.  Uplink qualifications entails positioning Artist’s songs whereby a “story” can be creative that is attractive enough to warrant the interest of major record executives to continue heightening Artist career.  With a collage of promotional tools, demand and sales can be created. Sales are one of the key components in uplink consideration.   TMG Street Pride has taken music of independents through major music giants as Warner Music Group, Universal, Red Sony, Epic, Mercury and Malaco Records. The ultimate goal is to “break” the Artist’s music, generate sales, and uplink Artist’s song(s) with use of major labels vast worldwide resources.




The music industry is a tough industry to navigate through.  There are many roads to take if you want to be a STAR!  TMG Street Pride’s marketing programs directly affects how the majors see you and your efforts.  Join Us Today!


-TMG ADA Warner Music Group                                                                          -TMG Street Pride Indy Film Distribution
-TMG Street Pride Private I PolyGram Mercury                                                 -Street Pride Big Daddy                                                   
-TMG Street Pride Private I Universal Music Group                                           -Street Pride Excello Records
-TMG Street Pride Triple X Red Sony                                                                   -Brunswick Records
-TMG Epic Records                                                                                                -TMG DT Distributors
-Mercury Records                                                                                                  -TMG American Dream Records
-TMG Park Place Profile Records                                                                          -TMG LA International
-TMG Street Pride DI IDN                                                                                     -TMG Alexia Ichiban
-TMG Street Pride Malaco Records                                                                      -TMG Laurie Records
-Grace TMG Tyscot Spectra                                                                                  -TMG Street Pride Navarre
-Grace TMG Tyscot AIR
-Street Pride Solar Hines



*TMG Records

*Street Pride Records

*Redrumm Recordz

*Spalter FMC BMG Colab Unit

*Chaz Records/Introspect

*PR Global Music

*New Horizon/Rayblaize                                                  *La Praise Records     

*Hahstyle                                                                           *Gypsy City Music

*Propell Entertainment                                                    *Power Circle

*Lyrical Property DGR                                                                        *Cal-Ga Entertainment

*Mr. Record/Wright Entertainment                                 *Earl Bryant Management

*Mirimore Productions                                                     *Pay Back Records

*Aviday Records                                                                *Kolor Blind Entertainment

*NTune Records                                                                *World Movement Records

*Psychedelic Square Entertainment                               *The Universe Records

 *Hell Razor Entertainment                                              *Three Gems Entertainment

*Speak Out Productions                                                   *Neighborhood Records

*BK                                                                                      *Buck Shot Records                                                          

*SK Entertainment                                                            *EXL Entertainment

*Ya Man                                                                           

*KountreeBoyz Entertainment                                         *Uzi Records

*Garden Mound Records                                                  *Off Da Rocka Records

*FMC                                                                                   *Phenomena Entertainment

*Monstablokaz PWPX Kruntchtyme                                *T2 Records

*Raw Naked Entertainment                                             *Connoisseurs Records

*Tavaka Records                                                                *Double R Records

*Rock-A-Disc Record                                                         *Mad House Records                                                       

*Enterprise Records                                                          *Incident Records                                                             

*Overhorde Entertainment                                                *A3 Records                                                                     

*Blaq Box Entertainment                                                 

*Soda Free Records                                                         

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