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Our director is an accomplished filmmaker who has worked on a number of commercials and independent projects including the feature films Thugz, Dangerous County, Urban Killaz, Repentance, Best Served Cold, Pastor's Wife, Dangerous Men, Unge's War and Jacob's Eye. He has led a number of campaigns for retailers like Cadillac and Porsche. He has served as president of Dallas-based indie record label Redrumm Recordz,  worked with such artists as hip hop giants UGK and Ludacris as well as local stars such as Kabaal just to name a few.


Our award-winning cinematographers are in high  demand, filming indie full length features, TV series, and music videos, with a total of 12 projects combined in the past 3 years alone. We have great confidence that we can deliver cinematic frames and add high end production value to any project. Give us a call and let us give you that major studio cinematic look for your next project.


AP Studios / TMG Street Pride' in-house producers have worked on sets of major Hollywood studio films such as Swordfish, Saving Jessica Lynch, RoboCop, JFK, and others. We have built relationships with creative directors, cinematographers, writers, and actors all over the world. We are widely respected for producing clients' films, commercials, and music videos within the proposed  budget. Let us put our contacts to work for you. 


AP Studios / TMG Street Prides' Post Production Facility offers its clients state of the art editing, color correction / grading, sound design, music scoring, and voice overs for any project from full length feature films to commercials, music videos, documentaries, and music compositions. 



AP Studios / TMG Street Pride is a theatrical release platform specifically created to provide an outlet for indie filmmakers to see their films in theaters. 

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